Tales from Low Tide


Her temper the shape of her heart



This blackout poem was found on pg. 7 of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.


The method for Unfinished was that each poet took two seperate turns writing a stanza of 4-5 lines, before the entire piece was revealed. We then proposed edits, until we felt the piece was complete, which took us through five edits to arrive at this piece.

Airplane Mode

I’ve spent too many days contemplating my retreat;


I was admiring a tree adorned in lights, one morning, when my thoughts entertained a myth: one tiny bulb has the power to set the whole world aflame. Though its exterior is peaceful, contained behind those mere millimetres of glass,... Continue Reading →

Grave Robbery

Heart full of madness, covered with kind.

Hive Mind

black hornets must serve the great wasp horde

Beyond the Stars

a better life was waiting beyond the stars.

Dry Ice

it is more acceptable to drink the Kool-Aid when presented in this manner;

Silenced Sledgehammers

... a prelude to reconstruction;

only a psychiatrist could say, the greatest psychopaths know that their lot in life

One Dream

If I could go back and relive just one dream I would choose

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