it be their most recent
death battle—
where they controlled
numerous simultaneous situations—
or an old past
that shaped their
in a manner that
only a psychiatrist
could say,
the greatest psychopaths
know that their lot in life
is doom,
if they do not
dedicate their time
to tracing the history
of their personal ego—
the substance which defines
their existence.

-Les Mots Manquants

[A little over a year ago, I purchased some bookmarks from A Poet’s Home. The lovely shop-owner and creative mind behind the shop, Nairy, bundled my purchase in old, shredded pages from a textbook. I chose a random number of these book fragments and arranged them in a way that made them somewhat cohesive, which you see in the featured image. I then spent some time revising this original decoupage, by re-arranging and omitting words. The body text you see above is the result of three revisions to the original grab bag of words.]