I feel redundant
in existence
more sttst ut tt tt  te rrr
than statement.
toomuchmore than enough
yet somehow less than what is needed

I once wrote a manual, to explain
how I operate, but it was
just a glossary of
f       r              a g
me                         n
ts and
terms, rather than—

My pin-cushion stomach collects
the dull reminders of my inability
to navigate the labyrinth of
                                            e v

      er  y

da   y                                      ve r s  a

                               c  o  n

                                                                     t  i  o n.

I feel reduced
to an echo
within walls that are


my entire being <muted>
before anyone could understand it

-avc & lmm


[We’ve taken to playing around more with the structure and word order of our exquisite corpses. While the method is still the same—each poet alternates turns of writing a line or lines, blind—we thought it would be a better exercise in creativity, if we played around with line breaks and word order. No additional words or lines are added, though in the case of this piece, some were omitted. The method for Unfinished was that each poet took two seperate turns writing a stanza of 4-5 lines, before the entire piece was revealed. We then proposed edits, until we felt the piece was complete, which took us through five edits to arrive at this piece. Thank you for reading!]