~ Tales from Low Tide ~

“Mudlark” is an 18th & 19th century term for someone who would scour the shoreline, of the River Thames, in search of valuables. Typically children or seniors who were able-bodied, mudlarks often came about their trade as a result of poverty and rarely made more than a subsistence income.

Tales from Low Tide was conceived as a way to combat “inspiration poverty.” Often, we feel too bound to the idea of creating our art organically, that is from our own minds. Tales from the Low Tide is an experiment in found poetry. All content that you find on this page, has been scavenged in some shape or form, before being re-appropriated into a piece of creative writing. Please join us as we scavenge through the mud of everyday life, in search of inspiration!

~ The Mudlarks ~

Les Mots Manquants

had planned the drunk to last only 2 years
bullet claws coming
listening for noises around the house

can you hear now?
can you
hear now?

it came out first to a thundering silence
we move careful to the floor
mouth like a bee
bright skull white smirking
mouth like a bee
I can imagine the dialogue of noise

(composed from excerpts from Michael Ondaatje’s, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left-Handed Poems)

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